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Career resources for students

Online resources to help with course and career choice-making

Career development is the lifelong process of managing learning and work transitions throughout life. It applies to people of all ages and stages of their life. You may find it particularly daunting to make choices about the rest of your life. Research shows that most people will have an average of six career changes during their lifetime and career paths aren't linear. The key focus for career advisors and teachers is to help students to make informed choices based on extensive exploration.

There are some great self-assessment tools and online resources that you can access to help you clarify your study and career choices and explore the wide range of jobs available. These programs can be incorporated into school-based career development programs or undertaken independently.

Try these...

My Future

The My Future website is a great career exploration tool for all ages and stages. Check out My Guide to personalise the career exploration journey and The Facts for information about occupations and the world of work, scholarships, and study and training options across Australia. There is also information for parents and career advisors.

Is uni for me

What's uni like?

Preparing for uni or not sure if it's right for you? Check our the resources below.

  • What's Uni Like? will help answer questions like 'is it right for me', 'what should I expect' and 'how can I prepare'
  • Uniprep covers making course choices and understanding the many aspects of preparing for uni.

Match my skills

match my skills

This quiz can provide some inspiration if you know you want to go to QUT but aren't sure which course to choose. The quiz asks about personal interests, subject preferences and career aspirations and makes suggestions about QUT courses that fit the bill. Visit Match my skills

What colour is your career?

Are you a thinker, always analysing, like a green? Do you prefer inspiring people and building their self-esteem as a blue? Are you the responsible one who is always on time and keeping everyone else on time like a gold? Or do you thrive on entertaining and persuading people, like an orange? What colour you identify with can tell you a lot about what career you may be best suited to - find out more here.

Job Guide

match my skills

This government site, Job Guide, has a complete listing of all jobs and information about them such as qualification requirements, tools for assisting students to make choices about careers, information on searching for work and other relevant links.

Other useful links

You might also like to explore other university career sections for information if you have a particular course and university in mind. Or try these publicly available resources for career and job research:

Self-Assessment tools

Career Decision-Making tools


Favourite school subjects and related careers

Year 12 and beyond

Careers through reading - years 4 - 6

The world of work

Career Workbooks:

For Teachers & Guidance Officers

For parents