Project Unknown

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Project Unknown

Like stories? Like videos? Then you're in luck. We have both.

What is Project Unknown? It is a film project following nine first year, first-in-family university students as they head bravely into the unknown - uni.

Why did we make it? We thought it might help you to develop a realistic picture of uni life and the sorts of people who go there - and, ultimately, make informed decisions about your future.

Who's in it? Real students:


Charlotte Chloe Hollie
Kevin Kyia Molly
Nathan Phil Zac

Season 1-'expectations'-February (first week) interviews

1. Meet the students
1.1 Charlotte, Hollie & Nathan
1.2 Zac, Molly & Kevin
1.3 Kyia, Chloe & Phil

Season 2-'realities'-May-June interviews

2.1 Hollie, Nathan & Charlotte
2.2 Kevin, Molly & Zac
2.3 Chloe, Phil & Kyia

Season 3-'changes'-August interviews

3.1 Nathan, Charlotte & Hollie
3.2 Zac, Kevin, & Molly
3.3 Phil, Chloe & Kyia

Season 4-'identity'-October interviews

4.1 Charlotte, Nathan & Hollie
4.2 Zac, Kevin & Molly
4.3 Phil, Chloe & Kyia
4.4 Student Sucess

Season 5-'reflections'

5 The students reflect on their first year